Ausstellung Michael Schumacher – der Rekordweltmeister

20-year partnership
with Deutsche Vermögensberatung


Exhibition in Marburg an der Lahn

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F1 cars

from all three

racing team


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The stations and records of a unique Formula 1 career:

put together in an exhibition space of over 350 m2

with over 70 exceptional exhibits.

Grafik Rekorde
Grafik Rekorde
Grafik Rekorde

World Championship titles

Grand Prix victories

Podium places

In search of the sporting legend


Deutsche Vermögensberatung is celebrating its partnership with Michael Schumacher stretching back two decades with an impressive exhibition in Marburg. Thanks to the painstaking cooperation of the Schumacher family, the exhibition vividly brings to life how the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 set new standards time and again.


The most world titles, the most wins, the most pole positions. Nobody in Formula 1 has been as successful as Michael Schumacher. But how was he able to reach spheres which even today are unparalleled? Large-format racing scenes, media stations and exclusive exhibits from the Schumacher family's private possessions - such as Formula 1 cars with which the driver celebrated his victories - give an insight into the way in which this Formula 1 record World Champion redefined the profession of racing driver.

Experience exclusive exhibits


The exhibition is divided into seven areas, after his seven World Championship titles. Each area is dedicated to a separate subject. Whether it's Michael Schumacher the team player, the developer, the optimizer, the record World Champion or the extreme sportsman - the exhibition shows clearly that a Formula 1 driver has to be a master at multitasking. This impressive anniversary exhibition is rounded off by interactive stations at which visitors can

experience racing through games and discover its complexity in the process.



Exclusive exhibits from Michael Schumacher's private possessions never seen before in public form a special highlight of the exhibition.

Please visit the exhibition – we are looking forward to seeing you!

The exhibition ends on 20.12.2018

Opening times      Monday - Sunday

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11 a.m. - 5 p.m.




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20-year partnership:

Deutsche Vermögensberatung &
Michael Schumacher


Deutsche Vermögensberatung has been at Michael Schumacher's side for over two decades. What began as a logo on his helmet, grew over the years to become an intense sense of solidarity with the company and its employees and led to a personal friendship with the founding Pohl family. Michael Schumacher represents a major role model for the financial advisors of Deutsche Vermögensberatung. His will to win coupled with his performance focus, strength, sense of team spirit and his humanity are values to which DVAG also attaches great importance.


After his tragic accident, the family Pohl unreservedly maintained the partnership. A commitment that remains visible to the outside world with this exhibition. It also led to our support for Mick Schumacher who is himself aiming to carve out a career in motor racing.

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Dr. Reinfried Pohl Zentrum
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Multi-storey car park in Furthstraße in Marburg

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Opening times:

Monday - Sunday

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